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Why MyAfricanRep?

Aim, Goal and Vision

This platform is an initiative to provide employment for millions of highly skilled and passionate youths all over Africa. This is a proactive social enterprise business with a passion to make great changes to individuals and communities.

  • Providing millions of jobs for skilled youths in Africa

    To support lives and promote peace

    The continent of Africa boasts of being the most youthful continent, with the highest unemployed skilled labour anywhere in the world. As the world enters a new and perhaps more difficult phase it's young population are being hit the hardest, resulting in unpleasant consequences. Our goal is to help provide millions of jobs for these skilled but unemployed youth in Africa and help contribute positively to their lives and communities.

  • To bridge demand for skilled labour and cost saving

    For employers all over the world

    The need for employers to cut cost and work effectively means an ever-increasing demand for highly skilled and reliable freelancers that will deliver great services on small budgets. That is why MyAfricanRep is the best place for employers. 

    Their low cost of living, hard-working and their passion to impress is reflected in their great service quality and low prices.

  • Raising money to support great humanitarian projects

    Up to 100% of profits go to charity

    As a social enterprise, we don't only provide an opportunity that enhances the lives and businesses of our customers. We go far and beyond to ensure all our resources help improve the lives of as many people as we could reach. That is why up to 100% of all our profits are donated to support great causes. So doing business with us means providing a great contribution to lives and communities.

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