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Graphics & Website designer/developer / UI/UX Designer

It is very easy to become a product of society, unthinking, or simply “go through the motions”. However, I make it a goal to challenge myself, every day a step at a time. As I journey through life, I find ways to explore my passions and creativity. I submit to my curiosity and find ways to learn something new.

I am an adaptable professional with 5.5+ years of experience and proven knowledge of web design, search engine optimization, graphic design, UI/UX design and imaging technology. Expert with a wide variety web platform such as WordPress, html5/css3, OpenCart, and design tools such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Adobe XD.

I do Possess an associate degree In mathematics & Computer science and my ultimate goal is to create something with great impact; to contribute my skills and talent to the advancement of society, also to even just a small community. Well, design is intelligence made visible whilst creativity is contagious, so I gladly pass it on. Let’s work together to make something great!


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