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I will write compelling and marketable content for you within all stipulated deadlines

This is being submitted as an introduction and to apply for the position of Content Writer, blogger, digital marketer and customer support with your company. I know that my verbal skills and writing style would be an asset to the company and that I would offer original content with a quick turnaround time.


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Content Writer

  •  Metropol Corporation
  •  May 2020 - Present

May 2020 to Date: Metropol Credit Reference Bureau
Position: Content Creator/Digital Editor
Overall Purpose: Responsible for content creation of all online marketing activities
including, but not limited to social media, website optimization and creation of video and
animated content for all social media accounts
Duties & Responsibilities
Content Creation
 Researches, sources and creates content relevant for each social profile and social
media platform under the direction of the marketing manager
 Comes up with new innovative video content that is shared across all social media
 Generates ideas and recommendations and implements in consultation with the
marketing manager
 Creates videos and animations for website and social media


 Regularly monitors and documents competitor social pages
 Prepares daily and weekly reports for management
Performance Monitoring
 Monitors progress using analytical tools
Social Media Management
 Engages with the audience by responding to questions and comments on social
media platforms
 Carries out different social media campaigns


Procurement and Supplies Management

  •  Sep 2012 - Dec 2015
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