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Member since November 28, 2020

Always striving for perfection and originality.

Passionate about Public Relations with several experiences in national and international organizations. Where I have been enjoying public speaking and moderating discussion panels, enhancing my
communication skills, and evolving professionally by executing events management and team-leading.


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Partnerships and International Cooperations Office Assistant

  •  Youtheon
  •  Nov 2020 - Present

Search for potential partners
Prepare the database
Prepare content for partnerships requests
Contact potential partners
Monitor the process
Search for active opportunities (ESC/Erasmus) abroad for Tunisian Youth
Communicate opportunities with the Digital Branding Unit Produce content for Erasmus Plus branding
Reporting to the officer

Event Department Member

  •  Universelle Cap Bon
  •  Nov 2020 - Present

Human Resources and Event Coordinator

  •  Mediterranean Association for Arts and Cultural Tourism
  •  Feb 2020 - Apr 2021

Analysis of issues related to the HR department
Analysis of internal communication flows
Participate in hiring interviews

Team Leader

  •  AIESEC Nabel in Tunisia
  •  Feb 2019 - May 2020

Responsible for team members development and leadership
Responsible for physical campaigns and Market Research
Coordination with Project Development & Public Relations department in events & booths

Public Relations & Partnerships Assistant

  •  University of Tunis El Manar

Organizing Committee Vice President of Public Relations

  •  AIESEC Nabel in Tunisia
  •  Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

Event's agenda preparation
Speakers / Ministers / NGOs / Media target list and invitations preparation
Coordination with Marketing / Sponsorships / Deligations & Logestics departments

Conference Coordinator

  •  Non-Profit Association

CHECK-IN Management of 1,300 delegates
Logistics Management
Reporting and Loyalty Management

Administrative Assistant

  •  The Regional Administration Of Mail

Administrative Affairs
Human Resources assistant

Warehouse Assistant

  •  Africacorp

Administrative Affairs
Stock Management
Classification and Archiving of the data


Introduction To Public Relations

  •  PR Academy
  •   - Jan 2021

Certified Online Course

Assistant Management

  •  Med Center Training

Formation of 3 Months in Marketing / Accounting / Corporate Culture / Computing

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