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For software development, web scraping, application development and more

I am a Ugandan independent freelancer with 4 years of experience in the field of information technology.

I do remote and on-site work.

I have all the required experience to get your job done.


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hospital management system (web application)

hospital management system (web application)


web based inventory management system

dynamic and interactive School system

dynamic and interactive School system



FREELANCER at peopleperhour

  •  People Per Hour
  •  Mar 2020 - Present

Joined PPH on the above date and got my first project on March 16th as shown on the above link to my profile.
The project was for a certain mobile network based in the UK and my responsibility was to write a simple web client side for people to purchase tariffs and this was accompanied by a mobile application.
I have since worked on different projects on the same platform. Currently doing web scraping and Google chrome browser extension development.


  •  Lubiri High School Buloba
  •  Sep 2017 - Present

Worked with a number of schools developing their school management systems to help them speed up the process of making report cards for students. I have spent a lot of time on this specific system trying to perfect the efficiency and to minimize the execution time since the system carries a lot of data.
This system was supposed to store data for every student, teacher and secure the logins of different teachers and admins.
The system was supposed to grade students, attach pictures to their report cards, give positions based on class and streams, and give a rank for each subject (this was intended to show the position of one student in a particular subject. E.g, English – 1/234, Biology – 5/230. This gives a clear picture of the performance of the student in their individual subjects where they could tell the position they held, out of the number of students who attempted the exam. Was so challenging but so interesting).

System development

  •  Independent freelancing
  •  Sep 2017 - Present

I started making web systems from way back and all my systems are currently still being implemented to solve day-to-day problems.
Professionalism and customer satisfaction are what drive me in my career.

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