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Am a great person to work with, i always finish my work and i can easy interact with others. i can work up to 6 hours a day and report to my supervisors on time.

Offline/Online marketing expert


Full Stack Web Developer

Having been in various Senior Management positions in local and international corporate, I have always been focused in achieving results and targets set to me by the Executive Committee. I always strive to develop business through existing product development or new products development being always alert of opportunities arising in the market. I am able to analyze demands and satisfy exactly the needs of the market. I have also developed strong entrepreneurial skills through buying out a freight forwarding company in 2014, re engineering it in a Supply Chain office and selling it to a South African Conglomerate listed in the JSE in 2015.

I am a young enectic individual who recently graduated and reside in the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde.


I am interested in any job that helps me improve my know how and of course, gives the room to give back the knowledge acquired for over 4 years of study.

The Future is Virtual

I am an experienced freelance writer who started his writing career back in 2014. Over the years, my work has been to write research papers in various fields including management, literature, political science and psychology among others

I am good at writing essays, research papers, business plans, resumes, and cover letters. Delivering a high quality paper on time is my first priority when I decide to work for someone.

I look forward to hearing from you!

A strong and energetic person with commitment to do better and more. I am a hard working person with dedication to my job and aiming to succeed.



I can make it better.

I am an articulate and quick-thinking young individual who has a natural flair for being able to communicate and build relationships with potential clients on digital channels.

I am confident in accepting challenges. I am a resourceful, knowledgeable, pro-active, energetic, and disciplined individual. I am creative, innovative, and willing to contribute ideas and professional opinions to any digital marketing project.

I am able to implement advanced strategies to convert your site visitors to new, returning, and referred customers at the lowest cost possible, with the ability to engage your customers and advocate your brand with digital marketing to maximize results.

I understand the need for “out of the box” or ‘beyond the norm” content that will make your work, brand, company, book, or idea stands out; I develop content that accurately reflects your ideals, and project and I generate content that promotes them.

Ultimately, I deliver quality writing pieces that appeal to your audiences, attract customers and boost brand awareness and I Write clear marketing copy to promote your products/services.

I also understand and appreciate the need for designs in your book project, communication materials, and content. That’s why I also offer graphic design in some of my writing projects as required; I have the ability to transform your ideas and concepts into visuals that interpret perfectly your message and brand. I am a complete package; I am all about giving you a thoroughly satisfying experience so I will also provide you with content and also visuals or graphics because I realize that your project will be incomplete without it.


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