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How To Start

Follow these simple steps
  • Signup as a Freelancer or an Employer

    You need to first register as a freelancer or an employer. It only takes a couple of minutes. Save your registration, take note of your login details, and verify your email.

  • Verify your account and personal information

    Especially for Freelancers

    Simply follow the required verification process. Some of these may be done automatically and others require you to email your proof to be verified by management. These are necessary to help instill trust and bring you jobs.

  • Post a job or setup your services to attract offers

    Once you are ready to commence work, simply post your job/s or project/s if you are an employer. Or set up all the individual services you offer as a freelancer to start getting offers. Make sure to provide detailed descriptions and accurate information to make your offering attractive and easy to understand.


Managing a Job or Project

  • Post your job/s or project/s and review offers

    especially for employers

    We recommend making the offer as clear as possible to avoid confusion. Review the offers received and award it to your prefered candidate.

  • Deposit the agreed fee to commence the service

    Once you are happy with your selected candidate, simply make your deposit based on the agreed fee to give the freelancer a go-ahead to commence the service. On completion of work simply authorise the release of payment to the freelancer and rate them on how they performed.

  • Dispute resolution and help from management

    When employer and freelancer can't find a mutual solution

    Though rare, if misunderstanding or disagreement arises for any reason related to the job completion, we recommend both parties do their very best to compromise and find an amicable solution to help them retain their good ratings especially. But where all has failed, a dispute could be raised by either party to request the intervention of our impartial management. Take into consideration that the decision by management is final.


How To Get More Jobs

Follow these steps to boost your chances of attracting more jobs
  • Register your account on a safe platform like

    You need to first register as a freelancer on 

    To give the employer confidence and assurance that they can employ you without the fear of being duped nor scammed. The escrow and mediation system serve as a protection for both employer and freelancer.

  • Verify your account and complete your profile and service/s

    Verify your account to prove to employers they can trust you with their sensitive business informations.

    Also, ensure you have a professional profile and service presentation to help market yourself as a professional and serious candidate to work with. 

  • Share your service/s and profile to attract unique employers and more jobs

    Sharing own profile and services on social media page and groups. This helps to attract interests directly to your page and services thus giving you more exposure and direct job offerings on the platform. And because the jobs are offered to you via this platform, the employers will be confident and assured of safe transactions. It's recommended to share on Linkedin and Facebook Business groups to attract more employers.  The links to share are located on the bottom right of your profile or service.

  • Respond to alerts and messages professionally and quickly

    Statiscally, most jobs get awarded withing 1 to 4 hours of being posted. And once awarded the job is automatically removed from the job listings. Which means being quick to apply as well as prompt to respond to messages from employers will go a long way to win you more jobs. Ensure your email is set to give you notifications on your phone so you don't miss any opportunity.

  • Continuously Update your skills to demonstrate excellence in your field

    Updating yourself to be an expert in your field is very important. The competition is vast and various industries are constantly being updated with new technologies, methods and new candidates joining the markets on a daily basis. So be an expert and stay an expert.

  • Give great Customer services to boost moral with employers

    Whether sending a proposal for a new job, sharing your profile and your services on external sources or interacting with employers regarding a job, it's very important to demonstrate a good level of customer service through your interactions always.

  • You must keep communication on the platform at all times

    Keep communication on the platform to gain trust as well as to help management see the evidence of agreement between you and employers if disputes are triggered. This is very important becasue we want the keep the right impression of our freelancers and to project employers. Any attempts to solicit employers away from the platform would lead to your account being terminated.


  • Always aim to please your current and potential employers

    Always aim to please, with your communication, service quality or even by giving free services or extras or going the extra mile to gain better ratings, recommendations and repeat business from employers.

  • Never beg employers for charity on or off the Platform

    Be professional and don't solicit gifts nor beg for help from employers with stories of need etc. There has been an instance where a freelancers contacted an employer on Facebook (outside of this platform) and asked for money to buy computer and softwares. This sort of action impacts negatively on everyone here and will get your account terminated.

  • Get more ratings and recommendations from employers

    Encourage employers to rate you and comment about their experiences with your work. Even if you market yourself elsewhere, it's advantageous to get them to offer you jobs via your pages on MyAfricanRep as this will strengthen your profile and impact favorably when other employers looks for a suitable candidate for services you offer.

  • Before you start a job make sure the employer has paid the money first

    To protect the freelancers, the employer must follow the steps and pay the agreed amount or the milestone amount to officially hire and give a go-ahead to the freelancer to start the job. 

    Which means whether it is a one-off or monthly job, you must ensure the employer has committed the money to the platform's escrow account before starting the job so you don't risk not being paid by the employer after you  have completed your part of the agreement.

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