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Business Website

This is a standard website that will be built to serve all business purpose. It can be used for any type of  website

This is a standard business website that can be used for any purpose. The Price is open to negotiation as the price there is the maximum price that will be charged to create the website.

The website will be a combination of a regular website and an online store and even restricted contents.



  1. Hosting & Domain Registration ( Whogohost will be used )
  2. 100 Pages
  3. 10 Ready Made Blog
  4. Blog Seo Optimization.
  5. Guide.
  6. Ads Integration
  7. Woo commerce Integration
  8. Free Live Chat
  9. Business Email Setup
  10. Membership Site Setup
  11. Bespoke
  12. 20 Products Upload.
  13. Premium Plugins and themes.

Websites I created in the Past:; This is a church website which was made to the customers satisfaction This is a personal portfolio website that was used for a project. This is an online store where fashion accessories are sold This is a business website.

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