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Am an experienced visual artist who is dedicated in work that has to do with creativity. i can promise to deliver on time and am…

Video Editor, Photographer and Photo editor.

I’m a videographer and a photographer passionate of the emotions that images have the power to convey. My areas of expertise are video editing, 3D…

Graphic designer specialising in art direction.

Hello there, I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer for nearly 10 years.  I have been creating visual content for brand development, editorial design, motion graphics…

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Digital Marketing Strategist/Content Writer/Content Creator

I am an articulate and quick-thinking young individual who has a natural flair for being able to communicate and build relationships with potential clients on…

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I am a photographer, animator (2D and 3D), product designer, graphic designer, video editor and a digital artist. I provide the best to suit my…

My reputation is my #1 asset.
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For four years, I have been creating real-time 3D simulations of various systems, interactive 3D virtual tours and 3D sales presentation videos. I have around…

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