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Un pirate qui navigue dans l'Océan du Design.

Je suis un designer graphic. Agile sur la creation d’une charte graphique avec la création de logo sur mesure, de bannière Web, de visuels pour…

I am a go-getter, hard worker,purpose driven, business oriented person.

I am a capable, creative, team-oriented person with a dynamic outlook on life and a strong desire to succeed in Management, Marketing, Sales and Communications.…

The creative you need, to make your vision a reality.😁

As a Writer and all-around passionate Creative; I write and compose short scripts, texts, articles, short stories and other forms of written marketing material for…

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Build your legacy
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Miriam is a dynamic and self-motivated individual passionate about solving challenges using technology. Time management, team work, willingness and ability to learn are my key…

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