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A hardworking and enthusiastic person who is committed to my work

I am a hardworking, focused and enthusiastic individual maintaining high level of integrity and passion in execution of my roles. I have a Bachelor’s Degree…

Hire me and save time for more important tasks

Having main skills in administrive tasks and human resources fields. I’m currently searching for challenges that will develop my current skill and with what i…

Sales, Customer service, Accounting, Admini, and Operations, professional with experience in both remote and flexible work schedules

Heroine of sales and customer service for actively engaged customers and maximum sales ; Mama Africa of Administration & Operations who can  enforce order and…

Believe Yourself, Be You
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I am a professional with a wide range of skills, efficient and qualified. I have a Master of Science in Psychology from Atlantic International University,…

Risey Yembele
  • Republic of the Congo
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Efficient  and  diligent Administrator with  more  than  twelve  years  of professional experience in administration starting from the year 2007, my experience includes a solid and…

Data entry
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I can support in data entry, proof reading, HR support in recruitment and administration.

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