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Graphics & Website designer/developer / UI/UX Designer

It is very easy to become a product of society, unthinking, or simply “go through the motions”. However, I make it a goal to challenge…

Frontend Developer | ReactJS | Gatsby

Expert JAMStack Developer who specializes in JavaScript technologies. Experience in building website with CMS backend. I work smoothly and constantly upgrading my skill, and also…

Information Technology
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An energetic, well-spoken and capable IT professional who enjoys working on all things IT related. Senzo has practical experience of resolving computer hardware, software and…

Think outside the box
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I am a front-end web developer, I admire the usability of web and mobile platforms so I always try to be responsive to any device,…

Customer care service
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Great speaking, writing and listening skills. Great interpersonal akills, good team collaborator.

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